Eat Your Oatmeal

Love comics, but not the superheroes? I’d say that’s fair enough––superheroes saving the day does get boring eventually! Instead, how about the endless supply of cool comics in all sorts of real-life situations?

In ‘The Oatmeal’, a humorous web comic created in 2009 by cartoonist Matthew Inman, all website content is original and exclusively designed and published by Inman himself. The fun does not just end there. At there are numerous games you could try with your friends that will crack you all open with uncontrollable laughter. Lots of fun guaranteed! But wait––there’s more! The Oatmeal book collections are available on the website. The books are a must-have if you read for amusement, including New York best-selling books, Why My Cat is More Impressive than My Baby and How to Tell If Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You. And that’s not even the last thing. The website does not discriminate––there are comic books and coloring books for kids and adults, too! If you are an adult, it goes without saying how much pressure you must be feeling on your shoulders, as if something is constantly weighing you down.

Studies have shown that coloring complex structures like a coloring book can help push your mind towards a meditative state. Many people find coloring therapeutic. So, give it a shot and cut yourself some slack and find your meditative colouring groove with Penis Fairie, Queef Storms, and 404 Not Found (probably NOT for kids, but who are we to judge?) that are available on the The Oatmeal website.