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Long before the internet was the big deal it is today, Due North Marketing has been rocking the scene. We’re all about meeting our clients’ needs head-on. Websites? That’s our jam. We mix top-notch professionalism with an eye for aesthetics to craft something that’s not just a site, but a digital masterpiece.



“Partnering with Due North Marketing  has been a game-changer for my real estate business in northern Ontario’s hunting and fishing lodge market. Their expertise in online marketing is unmatched, but it’s their genuine interest in my success that truly sets them apart. They are not just excellent at what they do; they are fantastic people who are always available, offering invaluable advice and going above and beyond for every client. Their support is the most valuable investment I never knew I needed. Due North Marketing is an essential partner for anyone serious about succeeding in the digital world.”
Brian Dykstra –

Monique and T.J. and a good days grouse hunt!

Our 25 years of experience offers you a guarantee of quality – we practically invented our line of work. We know your guests better than anyone, because we are your guests – your website and promotions will be built by longtime outdoors people, who know what your customers want. We love the outdoors as much as they do, and if we build it, they will come.

Monique and her 42″ northern pike!

Our Network

We run a large network of hunting and fishing websites and social media pages geared specifically towards providing traffic to Northern Ontario Hunting and Fishing Lodges. Our primary goal is to capture tourism traffic and deliver it through our directories and social media outlets to our clients.

Get North!

Get North is one of our main directories.

This site features a searchable database of hunting and fishing resorts, Google map integration as well as links to Facebook/Twitter and embedded videos if you have them.

Users go to your website through our referral service.. and you get real time booking leads from our referral service at!

Ontario Fishing Network

Ontario Fishing Network

Since 1996 the Ontario Fishing Network website has provides  users access to fishing tips, lodges, videos and Ontario fishing news. With content from some of North Americas top anglers, like Dave Mercer, Justin Hoffman, Tim Allard, Pete Maina, The Next Bite TV and much more.  Also a gateway to our Ontario Fishing Community online forum with over 100 Million Views and almost 1 Million Posts!

Fishing Lodge Marketing

Fishing Lodges

Our comprehensive North American Fishing Lodge directory generates great traffic from a wide online audience.

It is just one of MANY places that leads potential visitors to your website.  One of our oldest sites leading web visitors to your property for over 20 years.

Northern Ontario Tourism Marketing

Our online presence has a place for everyone!

We have excellent web positions covering everything a potential guest could want.  From moose, bear and small game hunting to all the northern Ontario sportfish, including walleye, bass, trout, northern pike, perch and muskie.  We cover everything from housekeeping cottage rentals to fly-in lodges and remote outposts!

But that’s not all!!  We keep things fresh throughout our social media network. Our hunting and fishing facebook pages have over 33,000 followers.

If you are in need of some promotional help, whether it is a new website or you just need some help with traffic or social media, just get in touch and we will do whatever we can to help you out!

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