Due North Marketing is in the business of generating traffic to your website.

Due North Marketing was founded in 1996 when the Internet was just starting to look like it may hit the mainstream as an advertising medium. Our first websites went live, when Yahoo’s mission statement still maintained that it would never be a “for profit” website, and 2 full years before Google was even invented!

T.J. & Monique Quesnel

T.J. & Monique Quesnel

Our office is located in Sturgeon Falls, Ontario and is right off Highway 17. Due North Marketing is owned and operated by T.J. & Monique Quesnel. We currently service over 200 clients, with the majority being in the Outdoor Tourism Sector (Fishing Lodges, Resorts and Camps!). Our business focus is two-fold.

1. Developing and maintaining websites for our clients.


2. Developing traffic for clients with an existing website.

We are constantly working on new tourism sites and watching every development on the Internet on a daily basis to ensure that we are consistently at the leading edge of the techniques that generate traffic for our clients. This includes website optimization, social media marketing as well as advice on what other Internet advertising works and what doesn’t. We are always available to our clients to discuss offers that they have received from other companies, as well as current trends in Internet marketing.

“Experience tells you what to do; confidence allows you to do it.”

Online since 1996 we’ve been successfully marketing our clients before Google even existed!