Ways Of Getting More Facebook Likes

Social media sites such as Facebook are becoming the norm for most people around the world. There are millions of people registered on social media sites, making them the ideal place for marketing any business or services. Facebook is the most used social network with more than 2 billion people registered users and still growing. The most effective way to market any business on Facebook is to create custom Facebook fan pages. When a fan page gets ‘likes ‘on the business fan page on facebook, that business is promoted on all of their friend’s pages as well, so when a business gets one fan, the business can potentially be advertised to hundreds of other potential fans.

When a business creates a custom Facebook page, they can put their company logo as well as all specials available on the page. Also, photos, links, contact forms, and videos can also be added to any Facebook page. This fast, convenient and inexpensive marketing is appropriate for small businesses as well as large ones. Having a Facebook custom page will helps your company to get more ‘likes’. As mentioned before, more ‘likes’ means more fans, hence more advertising for your products and services

Here are ways you can increase your facebook likes and fans engagement.

1. Create a Professional Facebook Page With an Effective Profile
After you create your professional page, ensure to fill out the profile fully. This is intended to drive more likes for your business, therefore, be professional yet show them you care about your fans and will always be there for them. Make sure your page photo is professional. This can be your logo. Let fans know what your business can do for them. Write a compelling mission statement.

2. Be Active and Post Regularly
If you want to increase your likes on Facebook, then you need to be active because if you’re not, then people can easily forget about your page. The more active you are, the better off you will be and the more exposure you will get, which means you will increase your chances of getting more likes. As for how often you should post and be active, try to post at least 2-3 times per day and respond to your comments every chance you get because this too will help you get likes.

3. Create YouTube Videos
Perhaps the quickest way to get likes on Facebook is to create YouTube videos. The videos you create should be based on your niche, and you should always include a link that leads to your Facebook page. This link should be included in the video, as well as within the video’s description, and don’t forget to post 3-5 videos to YouTube on a weekly basis. If you do this, you will notice that your Facebook page will receive more likes.

4. Use Facebook Advertising.
It’s simple, inexpensive, and can be highly targeted. Your ad can appear worldwide or only within a few miles of your office. You decide. Target your typical client and your ad will automatically be shown to that demographic by Facebook.

5. Respond To Comments On Facebook and Mention The subscribers.
Check your facebook comments as you reply daily and interact with the people who share their comments.As you replay, mention some of them in the reply. This will show them that you are appreciative of them taking the time to visit your page.

6. Create Shareable Content
To get as many likes as you can on Facebook, you want your content to be shared. This means you will want to create content that people will be compelled to share with their friends and family. Try write for the audience you are trying to target and make your content engaging and informative and encourage them to share it with others, which they will do if they find your content interesting and engaging.

7. Run A Contest
You can run some contest if you are looking to get more likes on Facebook. You can offer a prize to the person who helps you get the most likes, or you can offer a prize to the top five people who do it. You might sell digital products, and if you do, then the prize you give away can be one of your digital products. The choice is up to you, but regardless of what you decide to do, you will find that running contests on Facebook is a quick way to get likes, and it is among the best ways to build a huge following quickly.

8. Give Value To Your Visitors
A lot of people tend to forget that anyone in Facebook can create a Facebook Page. Given that anyone can do so, what makes your page so unique to your visitors? The easiest way to differentiate yourself is to give value to your visitors. It is not hard to give out value to your visitors. It can be something as simple as “How to Make Your First Origami,” “3 Ways to Make Caesar Salad” or “How to Swing a Baseball Bat Correctly.” When you do this, your visitors will feel that you are contributing something to them and will more likely to “Like” your page.

9. Tell Your Current Friends and Connections
Most people make the mistake of creating a Facebook Page and waiting for visitors to come and “Like” their page. Unfortunately, it will not happen. You still need to do a bit of marketing for your new page. The easiest way is to start by telling your current friends and connections about your page.

10. Installing a Facebook Fan Box On Your Site
This is a remarkably useful tool. This fan box has to be prominent showcased displayed on your website. If somebody visits your site and finds that you have the facebook page, hence chances are high that he/ she may tick on your facebook icon and this drives him/her to like your facebook page.

11. Connect to Your Offline Activities
This is a frequently ignored way for obtaining Facebook likes, but correlating your offline projects and marketing exercises to your Facebook such as campaign can be a very useful approach. In fact, it’s much safer to request this in person as a favor than just, sending an or request email. Review your Facebook fan page and its profits to the people you meet if possible. Add your vanity URL to your marketing and also promotional materials.

Being able to increase Facebook likes/fans is one of the free tools you can learn and become familiar with to drive your traffic and business. None of the steps is complicated, and your time and imagination only limit you. Just getting the word out in your normal course of business can be shaped around and added to, using your Facebook fan page as a hub for promotion and customer interaction. The best way to increase Facebook fans is to incorporate little things into your daily routine until it becomes second nature and everything you do helps you to get more fans on Facebook and more business.